Who We Are

CEO Collegiate is a specialised advisory business whose founder combines almost forty years’ experience in public policy formulation and administration with more than a decade of experience in advising senior executives..

We have an intimate understanding of government and business decision-making processes across a wide spectrum, derived from first-hand experience.

We have extensive networks of current and past professionals upon whose knowledge and skills we can call, and have ready access to decision-makers at the highest level.

The immediate circle of associates upon whom we can call has senior level experience in government policy-making or in public affairs management, extending in turn both the experience and the networks available to us and our clients.

We work to the highest standards of quality and integrity. We will not take on work for which we do not feel qualified, and we will not take on work to which we are unable to feel fully committed. If for any reason we are prevented from assisting you, we will identify and connect you with people who can.

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