Our Services

Some of our services are:

  • Providing general or project-specific briefing on private sector dealings with government.
  • Providing mentoring type services to key personnel in both private and public sectors whose success depends upon dealing effectively with government at the highest decision-making level.
  • Providing mentoring services to public sector personnel, especially those who have moved into a new role.
  • Reviewing your exchanges with Government and providing our assessment of where your issue stands, your prospects of achieving a favourable outcome, and the strategies required to achieve it.
  • Assisting you to identify the key decision-makers in government and business that should be accessed and developing strategies to place your issue before them.
  • Assisting you to identify goals that you can reasonably expect to achieve in taking your issue to government, and the critical success factors for achieving them.
  • Advising on your corporate governance, managerial leadership and accountability frameworks to ensure that they deliver effective transparency and control to the organisation’s leadership.
  • Advising on the effective use of your business, professional and industry organisations.
  • Assisting in interpreting government policy and in making targeted, researched and timely representations on policy issues to government or to business interests.
  • Assisting in the preparation of tenders where success will depend on dealing effectively with the strategic objectives of the tender and with government policy concerns.
  • Bringing effective networks of influence to bear upon your issue, to achieve good strategic outcomes.

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